Who We Are

About Tri State Community Clinics

Building healthy people, businesses and communities.

At Tri State Community Clinics, local healthcare professionals provide onsite comprehensive primary care services focusing on prevention and helping individuals sustain health. Services include chronic disease management and treatment of minor injuries and illnesses.

Our providers promote individual accountability and ownership in “state of health.” We focus on identification and prevention of chronic disease and healthy lifestyle behaviors. We are here to provide employers and individuals with the best tools and environment for a sustainable state of health.

Benefits from Partnering with Tri State Community Clinics:

Relationships – Our clinics are not volume-based. We give each of our patients “Real Time” with providers (20 minute visits) to allow trust and relationships to develop, over time helping to overcome healthcare challenges and meet goals.

Productivity – Your clinic helps to keep your workforce healthy and on the job.

Proactive – Health coaches deliver increased health for employees and dependents, which in turn, lowers future costs. Health Risk Assessments + Biometric Screenings are done annually allowing us to identify risk factors and implement programs to reduce and prevent further risk.

Immediate Cost Savings – Every dollar spent on clinic care is a fraction of what you would spend on our health plan.

On-Site Success – We help create greater employee loyalty and retention.

Customization – Your clinic is designed to meet the specific needs of your population.

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