Why Choose Us Compared To Our Competitors

Bringing positive change to your business, by building healthier employees.

We’re not like other providers. We are a part of your community. Your clinic services will resemble, but go substantially beyond, any other employer clinic.  Tri State Community Clinics has the most stand-alone onsite clinic locations in the Tristate area.

Here’s what you can expect:

Real Smart Launch® – An implementation process that ensures participant engagement and trust. Immediate high utilization facilitates lower total healthcare spend.

Quality of Care – A dedicated team in your clinic who manages the health of your team as well as management of specialist referrals to maintain the highest level of cost effectiveness, plus, a 24/7 local provider hotline.

Real Return – Reduced spending from a healthier workforce in addition to increased employee productivity and lower RX and lab costs.

FitPharm® – In addition to RX savings, we profile a customized Rx formulary designed for your population to ensure your inventory levels remain adequate for your population and not overstocked.

Real Health Profile® – This piece of our Health Risk Assessments provide employees and family members with critical feedback and individualized Health Coaching to reduce the incidence of risk factors and major health concerns.

Real Health Hero® – Our patients are recognized and celebrated for their health and wellness successes. Whether it be early detection of skin cancer, heart disease, or weight loss, our Clinic staff help these Heroes set and meet goals to improve their health.

“Treatment without prevention is simply unsustainable” Bill Gates
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