EVSC Health Centers Exceeding Goals in Employee Care

EVSC Health Centers Exceeding Goals in Employee Care

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Tri-State News, Weather

Feb. 2, 2015

Posted by Deanna Allbrittin, Reporter

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) –It’s been almost a year since the EVSC opened two free health clinics for the district’s employees.

At the time, the goal was to fill 80% of the available appointments at those facilities operated by Tri State Community Clinics.  Instead, they’ve filled 123%. That means they scheduled more patients than what they initially created appointment slots.

The numbers received a slight bump from southern Indiana’s late flu season, but scheduled appointments were already exceeding 100% of availability during the spring and summer months.

That’s something Dr. Chad Perkins is excited about, since about half of those appointments, for employees and their family members, were for preventative care.

He says healthy behaviors tend to be contagious and the EVSC can only benefit from having even more of its employees take advantage of the clinic.

“When you’re in a clinic, you tend to be surrounded by coworkers,” Perkins says. “So there is a little magic that starts to happen where people start to police one another. They want people to be healthier. They don’t want to see the person that they work next to ill. They want to see people not smoking, getting healthier, all those things.”

Perkins says once they stop seeing as many patients for winter bugs, they’ll make a final decision as to whether an additional location is necessary. He says right now that scenario looks likely to happen.

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