Real Health = Real Return

Steps to Real Health

At Tri State Community Clinics we start by focusing on your business and your people.  Each population is unique, and we collaborate with you to identify critical needs that will work for you.

The Real Health of people is our goal and purpose.  To do that we will customize the clinic to best serve your population.  We provide targeted education and utilize a process called “Fit Pharm” that customizes an Rx program designed just for your people.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  Our business model is designed to help eliminate the barriers to Real Health.

Tri State community clinic’s gives people the opportunity and tools to better manage their health and the health of their families.  A Health Risk Assessment (HRA) with directed follow up serves to provide the targeted education to decrease the burden of disease.

By promoting individual accountability and ownership in a “state of health,” Tri State Community Clinics, LLC provides the vehicle to help people become and remain healthy.

Signs of Real Return

Rx and Lab Savings

With our on-site clinic, you can expect substantial savings per prescription and lab test. The charts below demonstrate savings based on common prescriptions and lab tests. The Rx Savings compares the cost of four common prescriptions purchased at retail versus the on-site clinic cost. Comparing lab work retail to lab work onsite for some common lab tests demonstrates significant savings.

Tri State Community Clinics, LLC will analyze your Rx data for your clinic inventory to customize a “fit” system for your population. Our focus creates a program that leads to clinical success. A byproduct of that success is a substantial cost savings.

Heading Off “Train Wrecks”

The journey toward Real Health/Real Return involves finding new methods to engage people and proactively counter serious, acute and chronic illness. Perhaps the highest cost of healthcare in any population is the cost of these medically complex Train Wrecks. Data supports that many of these events are avoidable.  By implementing a Tri State Community Clinic you begin to change the game. Rather than reacting to disease, we implement our program in the clinic to Identify, Prevent and Maintain.  Added value is that this program helps healthy people stay healthy.

Productivity Gain

Per 100 employees, based on an average wage of $15/hour and 3 office visits. Imagine how much productivity can be gained when we implement an on-site clinic and wellness program with high utilization by your team.

Contact us learn how much you can be saving!